The colours of Scotland – supersoft Shetland in 2/11s count. These soft heathery melanges of colour and texture are identifiably Scottish and our core fibre sourced from J C Rennie – twisted and spun only twelve miles away from our factory and been used by Harley of Scotland since our inception in 1929.

womens shetland garment 1
womens shetland garment 1
womens shetland garment 2
womens shetland garment 3
womens shetland garment 4

Superfine Geelong Lambswool

The finest Geelong grade lambswool sourced from the globally renowned Todd & Duncan in Kinross. This remains one of our most popular fibres and is the finest grade Lambswool available in several counts – 2/14’s; 3/14s and 6/14s from 8gg medium through to 2.5gg heavy gauge hand-knit look.  This fibre is versatile with its use in many gauges and has a beautiful handle.

womens lambswool garment 1
womens lambswool garment 2
womens lambswool garment 3
womens lambswool garment 4

Soft Donegal

100% merino wool – a true Celtic collaboration – a beautiful authentic Donegal nep merino wool yarn spun in Donegal, Ireland and made with care at our factory in Scotland into knitwear with a unique Donegal nep texture in a myriad of beautiful colours in NM 3.8 count which offers a 3.5gg weight. Our most popular seamless Fair Isle Yoke sweater is made with this beautiful yarn and it’s unique thick/thin  texture and stunning colour saturation.

womens soft donegal garment 1
womens soft donegal garment 2
womens soft donegal garment 3
womens soft donegal garment 4

100% Cashmere

Simply, the queen of fibres – the purest, finest grade Cashmere spun in Scotland by the hand-knit Todd & Duncan mill in Kinross using the finest grade of cashmere fibre available worldwide. Our cashmere is 4/28’s count and creates –  in our opinion – the most beautiful seamless 8 gauge cashmere knitwear available.

womens cashmere garment 1
womens cashmere garment 2
womens cashmere garment 3
womens cashmere garment 4


The finest kid mohair blended with wool and a little polyamide for tensile strength at a superfine micron density. This Italian spun mohair yarn is unique, tactile and very beautiful in a 2.3NM count. The warmest, most cosy and fuzzy fibre available.

womens mohair garment 1
womens mohair garment 2
womens mohair garment 3
womens mohair garment 4

Cash 30

The most beautiful merino wool and cashmere blend fibre sourced and spun in Italy in rich and saturated colours. Our super soft Scottish water mills the knitwear in this fibre to a cashmere handle which is beautiful, tactile and available in 2/15’s count.

harley of scotland womens cash 30 1
harley of scotland womens cash 30 2
harley of scotland womens cash 30 3
harley of scotland womens cash 30